Welcome to Cretan Healthy Life, the ultimate guide to Cretan diet, Cretan recipes and restaurants!

Living a long, healthy and happy life is not just about eating a healthy diet. It also involves thinking and acting freely as well as living close to nature. Eating healthy and living free close to nature is the epitome of the authentic Cretan lifestyle, which is intrinsically healthy and life prolonging.

Cretan Healthy Life explores aspects of the authentic Cretan life. It provides a comprehensive guide of Cretan diet (see Cretan Diet Guide), exploring Cretan eating habits, and features authentic Cretan food recipes which are full of wild herbs, legumes, bitter greens as well as delicious fruits and vegetables.

Cretan Healthy Life is also aiming to become a reference point for Cretan restaurants. It features a restaurant guide with detailed reviews of top quality restaurants (mainly in Crete but also in the rest of Greece), acting as a guideline of how to enjoy eating out in Crete for visitors and locals alike.

It is our aim to become a comprehensie guide to Cretan cuisine, culture and lifestyle. Cretan Healthy Life is a little piece made of Crete that anyone and anywhere can have. No matter where you live, you can adopt some authentic Cretan living and eating habits that boost your sense of well-being. If you get to visit Crete this sense will only get better!