Cretan Healthy Life has been inspired and developed by Agisilaos Papadogiannis, a native Cretan who has lived in numerous countries and has travelled the world. Cretan cuisine and lifestyle has always been his passion and he is a true connoisseur of the authentic Cretan diet. Cretan Healthy Life endeavours to disseminate the true Cretan diet and lifestyle which is intrinsically healthy and life prolonging.

Agisilaos studied electrical engineering (in Greece) and obtained a Master degree (in UK) and a PhD degree (in France) in the area of wireless communications. For more than 6 years he worked on wireless research for industry and academia, in France, UK and Sweden. You can find here more information about his work at this time. In the past several years he has been an intellectual property professional, sharing his time between The Hague in the Netherlands and his beloved Rethymno in Crete.

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