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Restaurants naturally disseminate the food culture of a place. It is, therefore, very important both for the visitor to Crete and the native to have an idea of where to experience authentic Cretan food. A good restaurant is the very first culinary stop when embarking on a food exploration journey.

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Guide overview

Cretan Healthy Life has created a Cretan restaurant guide that lists top quality eateries mainly on the island of Crete, with a focus on various aspects of Cretan cuisine. For each listed eatery there is a detailed food review and ranking, as well as review and ranking of all amenities and services that are important to a restaurant. An interactive map of the listed eateries is shown below. By clicking at each eatery pin you can see a short description of it and a link that takes you to the respective full article. Note that 3-star eateries (our top value for money score) are clearly displayed on the map.

Restaurant assessment method

The restaurant guide of Cretan Healthy Life uses a comprehensive restaurant score system assessing restaurants in 12 fields plus an overall score field taking account of all other fields and focusing on value for money. Here you can find all details concerning the reviewing method, fields and indices that Cretan Healthy Life uses. Note that this system is adapted to Cretan and Greek restaurants by taking account of the nature of the local cuisine, the existing food and restaurant culture, as well as the usually provided services. Cretan Healthy Life also features a comprehensive introduction to Cretan eateries and what to expect from them. What we mainly aim for in a restaurant is to find authentic and delicious dishes that are representative of the gastronomic culture of Crete; this is the primary focus of our guide. We also pay great attention to the value for money, as it is important to provide a clear idea of how affordable an eatery is.

How a restaurant is listed

The reviews of the listed restaurants at Cretan Healthy Life are neither commissioned nor sponsored. We list restaurants we have visited as customers (some of them more than once) which meet certain assessment criteria. Naturally we are not able to try each and every dish a restaurant can offer and sometimes we need to visit a restaurant more than once to solidify our viewpoint and decide about listing.

Note that the presented assessments for the listed restaurants are not influenced by any third party and restaurant owners are not aware, before publication, that Cretan Healthy Life is in the course of listing and publishing a review of their restaurant. It is also important to stress that reviews naturally depend on the time they were performed, as things can change in a restaurant. Thus every review has a time stamp at the bottom indicating when they were last edited by us.

Last but not least, the restaurant guide of Cretan Healthy Life does not present an assessment of any eatery but lists only restaurants that finds worth visiting and representative of the Cretan food culture; eateries whose standard is not found acceptable are simply not listed.