Vergina beer

Vergina is a top quality Greek craft beer made of Greek barley and its own malt. The brewery (situated in Komotini, Greece) boasts some of the most modern brewing facilities in Europe and a malting plant. Vergina has a rich spectrum of beers, including a premium lager, a red amber lager, an award winning wheat beer (Weiss), the “porfyra” special edition and a black dry stout.

On Friday 17 May we were privileged to attend the launch party of Vergina beer in the Netherlands. The event took place in central Amsterdam and gave us the opportunity to try the wide spectrum of Vergina beers (supply was unlimited!) accompanied by top quality Greek finger food, good music and happenings.

Nice captures from the Vergina Nederland launch party at the Tobacco theater in Amsterdam.

We started our beer tasting with the very smooth and aromatic Weiss. Its smoothness renders it really attractive to the palate and it is not surprising that it wins awards in the homeland of Weiss beer, that being Germany! We continued to an exceptionally balanced “porfyra”, an unfiltered lager evocative of a trappist beer without the heaviness of a trappist. Next on the row was the XXX black dry stout; this beer type is one of our personal favorites and we were not left disappointed! Vergina stout is fairly light and has a coffee aftertaste, making it great accompaniment to cheeses and finger food. Last came the premium lager; an authentic Greek lager with a golden and clear color that pairs well with most types of food.

All in all, we had an exceptional beer tasting experience at the Vergina launch event in Amsterdam. Vergina beer can only be highly recommended! In the retail market of the Netherlands, Vergina is made available by the Greek Foodtales e-shop.

© Article by Agisilaos Papadogiannis. Photos courtesy of Vergina Nederland and Vergina Beer