Delicious snails

It happens that consumption of snails is mainly associated with France. However the truth is that there is probably no other place where snails are more popular than Crete. In Crete snails are cheap while being truly delicious. It is an everyday dish for Cretan families! It is true that some people find them even repulsive but true foodies know that snails are delicacies of unparalleled taste. Note that snail consumption is a very Cretan thing; the rest of Greeks do not have it in their cuisine. Snails are really nutritious as they are full of proteins and great sources of iron, magnesium, B12 vitamin and omega-3 fatty acids. They are therefore a really healthy alternative to meat and protect our heart.

People are generally used more to French type of snails which are big and are served with a butter sauce. Cretan snails come in different varieties and are smaller than the French snails. Snails in Crete are handpicked from the wild, mainly in autumn season with the fist rains. They are cooked in various forms, although there are two prevailing alternatives, namely snails in red tomato sauce (“chochlioi kokinisti”) and snails on the pan in olive oil and rosemary (“chochlioi boubouristoi”). If you have not, you must give them a try, they are a great and healthy culinary experience!