Cretan meat originates is mainly lamb, pork, chicken and rabbit. There is also delicious game.

Crete is certainly the island of sheep and goats. There are literally thousands of herds that graze freely (or semi-supervised by their shepperd) especially in higher altitudes. It is almost impossible not to come across a sheep or a goat herd crossing over the road if you drive around the island! It is therefore not surprising that these animals provide most of the islands’ fresh milk which in part becomes delicious yoghurt and cheese. These animals are also the main source of meat; Cretans love their lamb, which they cook in particular ways. Apart from lamb, pork is the other type of red meat widely consumed in Crete. For similar reasons as with lamb (i.e., proximity to the sea and plenty of healthy nutrition for the pigs), the quality of pork meat in Crete is exceptional. Follow the links below to read more about meat in Cretan diet:

  1. Lamb
  2. Pork
  3. Rabbit
  4. Chicken / Poultry
  5. Game
  6. Beef