Eggs / Omelets / Frittatas

Every Cretan household in the country possessed a hen house and therefore there was always daily supply of fresh good quality eggs. When consumed in moderation, good quality eggs have plentiful dietary benefits such as very high protein content (mainly in the egg white) and plenty of vitamins, mainly of the A, D, E, K and B family. Add to that the fact that Cretans mainly consume their eggs in a frittata form (“sfougato”) combined with vegetables, mushrooms, wild greens or potatoes and you realize that eggs are healthy supplements to Cretan diet. The most common Cretan frittata is that with fries; this is what you get in Crete if just order an omelet. It is also very common during spring to have wild asparagus or mushroom frittatas. The summer highlight is the deliciously refreshing courgette frittata (“kolokithia sfougato“). Occasionally there are delicious frittatas made of poultry livers.