Goat / sheep milk

It has been scientifically proven that goat’s milk is far healthier than cow milk. It contains less lactose, more calcium, potassium as well as vitamins A and B6 without having less protein content. It is digested easier, has anti-inflammatory properties and contains less cholesterol. Some studies have suggested that the regular consumption of goat milk protects against heart disease and Alzheimer and results in longer life span. Sheep milk has similar effects, although it has significantly higher fat content and higher lactose content (although lower than cow milk). Free grazing sheep and goats also receive far less medication than domesticated cows and their milk is “cleaner” in that respect. Both goat and sheep milk have a characteristically intense taste (more so the goat milk) that Cretans love. With this milk Cretan yoghurt and cheese is made and for sure Cretan longevity relies on it.