Cretan yoghurt: a hidden culinary secret

Few people outside Crete know about the qualities of Cretan yoghurt, made of local sheep milk. We believe that Cretan yoghurt is among the very best yoghurts one can have (if not the best!). It is fermented and sold in terracotta bowls, has a firm texture, a characteristic skin and it is slightly sour. It can easily be described as having a glorious taste. You do not need accompaniments; it could easily be devoured plain for the total culinary experience. Of course you can top it with gorgeous Cretan honey or fruit but it is not necessary as with most other yoghurts.

Apart from the culinary delights, authentic yoghurt has well recognized health benefits. As milk does, yoghurt contains a lot of protein, calcium and vitamins with the vital addition of probiotics. These are live bacteria and yeasts existing in the live yoghurt culture, that enhance the gut flora, also known as gut microbiota. Yoghurt probiotics protect the assist the function of our digestive system. Add to that the benefits of sheep milk, being far richer in vitamins and minerals than cow milk, and you have a real health booster. Cretan consume loads of their fantastic yoghurt in plain form, as dessert (for instance accompanied by honey) or as accompaniment to food, such as meat based dishes.