Dairy products

Cretan dairy products are based on sheep and goat milk as Crete is the island of sheep and goats. This partially owes to the fact that Crete is mountainous are these animals are bred far easier than cows on higher altitudes and difficult terrains. There are literally thousands of herds that graze freely (or semi-supervised by their shepperd) especially in higher altitudes. It is almost impossible not to come across a sheep or a goat herd crossing over the road if you drive around the island! It is therefore not surprising that these animals provide most of the islands’ fresh milk which in part becomes delicious yoghurt and cheese. Crete has a long yoghurt and cheese making tradition and can boast for some of the best known Greek cheeses, such as “anthotiros“, “graviera” and “mizithra“. In addition, Crete produces a unique dairy product, named “staka” (being something between fresh cheese and yoghurt) that cannot be found outside the island. To learn more about Cretan dairy products and their health benefits, you can follow the links below:

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  3. Cretan cheese
  4. Staka / athogalo