This type of meat is of course really special. Few people know that Crete is a source of delicious game, although limited in quantities and very hard to find in restaurants. Crete has always been a place with great hunting tradition. The existing game consists in hares (“lagi“) and wild birds. There are various types of available wild birds, such as partridges (“perdikes”), woodcocks (“bekatses”), turtldoves (“trigonia”) and wood pigeons (“fasses” or “agrioperistera”). Game meat is considered healthier than other types of meat as it is leaner (wild animals do not accummulate a lot of fat!) and has not received hormones. It is therefore low in calories, fat and cholosterol while it is great source of proteins, iron as well as vitamins of the B family. Note that it also contains some beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.

Game requires great skill not only at catching (it is sparse nowadays) but also at cooking. This type of meat is usually hard and has darker colour. Hare is probably the favourite game type of Cretans which cook it with onions, peppers and tomato juice in low fire for long time. It turns into a delicious and super nutricious stew that every hunter has at his festive table and offers proudly to his guests. Another really special game dish is the partridge risotto, made of a partridge broth. This can be probably characterised as one of the best risottos ever (and Cretans know al lot about risottos!). For sure do not miss out if you get the chance to be offered game in Crete!